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This website is solely devoted to Tui-Na research and instruction, as conducted by Professor Mark Cheng, L.Ac., Ph.D.

For students & medical professionals: In the Classes and Seminars section, Prof. Cheng's lecture notes will be available for download in PDF format.

For patients: Please check out our History of Tui-Na page, then review our Other Resources section & Tui-Na Practitioners listing to find a physician near you.


Tui-Na is the branch of Chinese medicine that treats the patient using only the physician's hands to bring about a change in the patient's condition. Like Chinese medicine itself, Tui-Na can be viewed as a sum of three different styles or systems. It essentially boils down to three main skills - soft tissue treatment, skeletal alignment, and energy issuance. Tui-Na is the least invasive of the 3 modalities of traditional Chinese medicine, with no foreign substance whatsoever penetrating the patient's skin or being ingested. While the casual observer may draw parallels with massage or chiropractic, Tui-Na is a very different science when viewed as a whole, even though there are techniques within Tui-Na that resemble the other two modalities of manual therapy.